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Gabrielle Devine

Artist based in Glasgow. Born in year 2000. Currently a student at the Glasgow School of Art.

Often humorous, my work explores the various ways and places in which women present themselves. On the digital screen or physical places- images from tv or of friends. Using digital screen is an important factor in my work.

Ranging from works with subdued, muted palettes, to overly saturated and vibrant tones, each work depicts a light-hearted and sensitive approach to the women I paint. Figures range from floating in ambiguous, often digital spaces to being in real-life domestic environments.

My work often deals with themes of body adornment, being used as a tool for self-expression, specifically enabling people to perform gender and play with image. However, with this also carries vulnerability through the societal repercussions of women who, for example are heavily tattooed or wear a lot of makeup. Extreme body adornment can be considered ‘trashy’ by normative societal values so I challenge these views by depicting them in my work. I aim for my work to provide a light hearted approach to challenging the ways in which women are depicted and judged, mostly on the digital screen.

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